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Major Milestones
Awards and Recognition

Initiated in 2008 by the National Ports Agency (Port Authority in Morocco), PortNet is the result of a strategic alliance between port communities and international trade. It is a tool that is specific to the Moroccan Government which aims at implementing several sectoral strategies to improve the business climate, trade, port and logistics competitiveness as well as the generalization and the Innovation of e-gov services. In fact, PortNet is a successful model of the national partnership between the government and the private sector in order to improve the business climate.


Since its creation in 2012, the PORTNET Public Limited Company is in charge of setting up the project of the National Single Window for the facilitation of all port procedures and trade. Collaborating with all the stakeholders in the port community and foreign trade, PORTNET Public Limited Company intends to act on levers to improve port competitiveness and economic operators of Morocco.


Indeed, the initiative to implement PortNet as a community tool is the result of the awareness of this need for sustainability of the performance of national economic actors. Therefore, It constitutes a major operational lever of competitiveness that provides logistical ecosystems and ecosystems inherent in foreign trade, and a capacity for anticipation, proactivity, cost control and traceability of commercial operations destined to the international community.


Currently, PortNet reaches over 50 000 users, including more than 45 000 importers and exporters, 1 500 forwarding agent, 20 banks and more than 43 administrations. Thanks to PortNet's implementation of the best practices and recommendations for international trade interoperability and the synergies developed in the framework of its participation in the various projects, PortNet also allows the exchange of data at the regional level through interoperability with the single windows of other countries, thus simplifying and integrating end-to-end the logistical and commercial chains between the supplier and its customer at the international level.


Becoming progressively an essential tool in the acceleration and integration of the foreign trade chain of Morocco, the National Single Window of Foreign Trade "PortNet", which is a model for the successful public-private partnership in the service of the competitiveness of economic operators in Morocco, continues to reap the benefits of the inclusive engagement and strategic alliance of port communities and foreign trade for an improved business climate, a facilitated foreign trade, a more competitive logistics and no paper ports.


PortNet congratulated on the evaluation of Morocco's trade policy by the WTO

Morocco was commended for the establishment of PortNet during the fourth review of Morocco's trade policy and practices on 2 and 4 February 2016. This review enabled the bodies of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to assess the situation of Moroccan policies at this level. It is an exercise prescribed in the WTO Agreements, whereby trade policies and related policies of member countries are reviewed and evaluated periodically.

  "Members even congratulated Morocco on its trade facilitation reforms, including the introduction of the PortNet electronic platform and the improvement of the IT system for customs administration"



Prix d’excellence à l’occasion de la 12ème édition du Forum panafricain sur la modernisation de l’administration publique et des institutions de l’Etat en juin 2016
Prix d’excellence à l'occasion des deuxièmes Awards du "Paris Africa Ports" décernés en clôture du Carrefour du Journal de la Marine Marchande en mai 2016
Prix du jury la 1ère édition du Moroccan Logistics Award 2016 en mai 2016
Prix National de l'Administration Electronique «e-mtiaz 2015» en novembre 2015
Trophée d’excellence lors du premier salon international de la dématérialisation en juin 2015
Prix National de l'Administration Electronique «e-mtiaz 2012» en novembre 2013
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